• Conquer your future: join the YCL today! - We are approaching the halfway mark in the Young Communist League’s September Recruitment Month. Already significant numbers of young workers and students from across Britain are answering the call to join the Communists.


  • Communists slam Tory ‘disaster’ and Labour ‘dereliction’ - Britain’s Communists slammed the Tory government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic as an "incompetent and corrupt disaster" at last weekend's meeting of the Party's Executive Committee.
  • YCL Brighton statement on University of Brighton redundancies rollout - YCL #Brighton have issued a statement on the University of Brighton's rollout of redundancies, putting 49 IT staff at risk during a national lockdown. 🏫✊👩‍🎓#UniversityofBrighton #UCU
  • Italy turns to Cuba to stop second wave - As Italy goes feet first into a second wave of Covid-19, the Italian island of Sicily has requested the return of the Cuban doctors that came to Italy in April to help fight against the first major outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe. Italian newspaper La Repubblica has reported that the request was made a week ago, pleading for 60 Cuban medics to come to the island.

Culture & Sports

  • Britain & Germany’s Communists hold joint celebration of Engels’ 200th birthday! - The 28th of November 2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the founding thinkers of Marxism-Leninism - Friedrich Engels! To mark the occasion, the Greater Manchester Branch of the Communists Party are hosting an Internationalist meeting along with comrades of the German Communist Party (DKP) to celebrate the the bicentenary of Engels' birth. Manchester holds a special significance as a place where Engels spent much time living and writing, including his book The Condition of the Working Class in England. Today the city features a statue of Engels which was saved from fascist vandals in Ukraine.
  • Poetry Corner: My Party is the Party of Aragon by Dorothy Hewett - My Party Is The Party Of Aragon by Dorothy Hewett. Dorothy Hewett was a renowned Australian poet, novelist and playwright, born in the Australian Wheat Belt. She was a member of the Communist Party of Australia for over two decades ultimately resigning over the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Her prolific career featured poetry on the lives of working people and the struggle for socialism as well as love and her own experiences. Here we feature her poem My Party Is The Party Of Aragon, a stunning tribute to working class struggle, art and history on every continent.
  • Poetry Corner: The Strangest Creature on Earth by Nâzım Hikmet - The Strangest Creature on Earth by Nâzım Hikmet, 1947 The Turkish communist poet Nazim Hikmet was noted to distinguish lyric poems, dedicated to love, from epic poems, dedicated to the action of the popular masses. Here we feature The Strangest Creature on Earth.



  • Introduction - Back2Basics is the Young Communist League’s series on Marxist concepts made easy. Its aim is to provide a starting point for those interested in learning about communist theory and a foundation for further reading and study.
  • 1. Materialism - The philosophical underpinning of Marxism-Leninism is often referred to as "dialectical materialism". Parts 1 and 2 of this series set out what that actually means; materialism in this issue and dialectics in the next issue.