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  • 100 years for socialism: on your Marx for the Communist Party centenary weekend - On Saturday August 1 the Communist Party reaches a high point in the programme to mark its centenary of struggle, writes Phil Katz, the Communist Party's Centenary Project Officer.
  • Poetry Corner: Communism is the Middle Term by Bertolt Brecht - Communism is the Middle Term by Bertolt Brecht. Bertolt Brecht was a German Marxist poet, playwright and theatre director. Brecht lived through a turbulent era. Narrowly avoiding conscription at 16 during World War One, he worked prodigiously through throughout the period of the Weimar Republic. Brecht was forced to flee with the rise of the Nazis in 1933. He left the USA during the McCarthyite “Red Scare” returning to what was then the German Democratic Republic. He died on the 14th of August 1956.
  • Communist Party launches new ‘Pandemonium’ series - To celebrate their centenary on 1 August 2020, the Communist Party is hosting a series of free, online lectures every evening from Friday 24 – Friday 31 July to provoke and inspire the imagination.


  • #CP100: a century against imperialism and militarism - As part of the Communist Party's Centenary Red Wedge meetings Johnnie Hunter discusses the legacy of struggle of Britain's young communists against imperialism and war and the contemporary fights occurring in South America. This is a transcript a speech delivered online on 1 August 2020.
  • Day X: Look for the Fighters - As a new cold war gathers momentum, we must remember the last great anti-war movement — the hope, anguish and most of all the rage, writes Alexander Norton.
  • Indian Americans and Black Lives Matter - Debadrita Chakraborty, PhD research scholar in Gender and Culture Studies at Cardiff University, argues that Indian immigrants fail to acknowledge their complicity in injustices both in India and the USA.


  • Introduction - Back2Basics is the Young Communist League’s series on Marxist concepts made easy. Its aim is to provide a starting point for those interested in learning about communist theory and a foundation for further reading and study.
  • 1. Materialism - The philosophical underpinning of Marxism-Leninism is often referred to as "dialectical materialism". Parts 1 and 2 of this series set out what that actually means; materialism in this issue and dialectics in the next issue.


  • YCL USA on George Floyd protests - Maicol Lynch of the YCL USA Organising Committee talks to Johnnie Hunter about the protests in the United States surrounding the murder of George Floyd for ChallengeTV.