Top 10 “Red” books for Christmas 2023

What book do you buy for the Marxist-Leninist who has everything? Or maybe you’re looking for ideas to win around your “left-leaning” mate or family member? Well I’ve raided my bookshelves and here’s my top 10 which I’ve read this year that you may not yet have heard of…

WFDY statement: new world cup, same old miseries

“This World Cup is intended to serve as a promotion for Qatar and its monopolies to gain notoriety and to serve as the centre of business for the big corporations during these dates”, writes WFDY

Organising on campus

With the recent emergence of Communist university societies, YCL Student Officer Georgina Andrews explains what students can do to agitate on their campuses

“Green capitalism” means extinction

Chris Lickley examines the failures of so-called “green capitalism”, and stresses the urgent need for governments and corporations to tackle global warming