Keir Starmer unveiling 'five missions' that will form the backbone of Labour's new election manifesto.

Starmer’s “five missions” offer little to Britain’s workers

In a recent speech, Keir Starmer unveiled five ‘missions’ for the country that will “form the backbone of Labour’s election manifesto”: improving the NHS, reforming public education, securing high economic growth, being tough on crime, and turning the UK into a “clean energy superpower”.

Haiti loses all elected government officials

Haiti’s last sitting Senators left office on Monday, January 9, leaving the country with no elected government officials. Much of Haiti’s legislature has sat empty since 2020, after planned elections failed to be completed, and now the country’s last 10 Senators have reached the end of their terms too.

London gives remembrance to The British Battalion

On Saturday 10 December 2022, the London Branch of the Young Communist League of Britain gave remembrance to The British Battalion, who had returned to London via Victoria Station on 7 December 1938, after serving as volunteer fighters during the Spanish Civil War.