When Harry met Stalin

Eben Williams examines the contribution of Joseph Stalin to the CPGB’s programme, and the relationship he had with its General Secretary, Harry Pollitt.

Longing for purpose

With the population becoming increasingly radicalised without an effective platform to express their anger, Ben Ughetti sets out how communists could offer a constructive outlet for popular dissent.

Spotify is tapped

Realising the revolutionary potential of the internet to challenge the commodification of music, capitalism needed Spotify to neutralise this threat, argues Michael Roch.

Things can only get better

As the Labour party look set to win power at the next election, Michael Roch argues that this exchange of power represents no victory for working people.

Report back from Xinjiang

Aymeric Monville is a French philosopher, director of the Les éditions Delga publishing house in Paris, and deputy editor-in-chief of La Pensée magazine. We are pleased to re-publish the following report of his recent (August 2023) trip to Xinjiang, China.

The report responds directly to the obscene anti-Chinese propaganda that has been raging for several years in the Western media regarding ostensible human rights abuses against China’s Uyghur population.

The success of Chinese socialism

Kate Woolford and Rares Cocilnau examine China’s radical growth since the mid-20th century, and how her democratic structures, cooperative foreign policy and commitment to socialism have been maintained throughout this time.

Wrong Bosses

Eilis O’ Keefe makes the case for organising against bosses big and small.

The 51st Congress of the Young Communist League

Last weekend, Britain’s young Communists met in Croydon to vote on the ideology and activity that will now guide their branches for the next 24 months. John Wrawe reports on an ambitious and professional event.

Originally published in the Morning Star (02/09/23)

Oppose the new cold war on China

Johnnie Hunter discusses the Western propaganda effort to smear China and how confronting regime narratives is central to opposing the new cold war.

William Gallacher – Reminiscences of Lenin

Willie Gallacher served as a Communist MP for West Fife in Scotland from 1935-1950, and as a member of the Red Clydeside movement, where he played a very important part in the rise of socialism in Britain. Here we republish his writings on his meetings with Lenin, ahead of the formation of the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1920: