When the Wyndford wins, we all win

Who are the real criminals in the case of the Wyndford occupation? The 6 arrested on vandalism charges for allegedly forcing their way into vacant flats, or the social vandals forcing the demolition of all 600 of them?

Iraq: 20 years on

Peter Stoddart reflects on the legacy of the Iraq War protests and draws parallels with the current imperialist war in Ukraine

Working-class women: Mona

This article is the first in a series on working-class women, highlighting the work and organising women across the world perform to alleviate hardships on their communities. This instalment features Mona, who works in her spare time distributing food to the poorest people of Ohio, USA. Mona explains the concept of food deserts, how they are not a problem of scarcity and poverty, but in fact manufactured by the US’ post-industrial city designs, which left some communities with inadequate food access

A Woman’s Place is in The Revolution!

“We must connect with our international sisters in the fight for peace, because where there is war, there is rape. We must develop our praxis continuously to build a universality of Marxist feminism for cultures and experiences across the world.”

Scotland’s drug problem

In the wake of the Scottish government’s complete failure to remedy the drug death epidemic, Phill Kelly discusses the magnitude of this tragedy, and how the only effective response is the communist response

Why a Young Communist League?

“Just as the youth are not a class apart from working people, the YCL cannot be a force apart from the youth”, writes YCL General Secretary Johnnie Hunter

Understanding Iran

“As Marxists, we shouldn’t overlook how history and society develop dialectically by resolving inherent contradictions. The contradictions that existed in Iran’s history up to this point were resolved in a reactionary manner, which led to new contradictions that the country’s people are still dealing with today”, writes Renato Frisoni