Interview with communist mayor Macoglu

The communist mayor of Dersim, Faith Mehomet Macoglu, spoke with the YCL’s Berken Celebi on the realities of building socialism in the region, and the difficulties posed by the forces of domestic and global capital.

Who is Aleksandr Dugin?

Following the dramatic story of the Darya Dugina assassination, James Meechan explores the shadowy career of her father, the oft-touted ‘brain’ of Vladimir Putin

Capitalism and pollinator decline

“What is rational according to the economic logic of capitalism is by no means rational for people or the environment”, writes Ciaran Harris as he explains why so many pollinators are being wiped out

MTRP Scotland statement

Make The Rich Pay is a retaliation of the masses, who refuse to suffer for an economic crisis they didn’t cause. The MTRP Scotland team have composed this statement on their recent activity.


Micaela Tracey-Ramos writes on today’s groundbreaking new law championing the rights of Cuba’s women and LGBT+ people