‘Until Victory’, the YCL May Day declaration 2023

On Saturday 6 May 2023, members of the Young Communist League of Britain gathered in central Manchester to celebrate their May Day with the following declaration, before marching through the city centre to the statue of Friedrich Engels:

The end of the ages?

Tomasz Nowak challenges ‘doomerism’, arguing why young people should take a stand to save our planet before it’s too late

Forward to our 51st Congress!

“In August 2023 the Young Communist League will hold its Congress, the highest decision-making body of our organisation, which takes place every two years,” writes Robin Talbot

Strike militancy and escalation

Eben Dombay Williams writes about what workers in Britain can learn from the protests in France, and how we can increase trade union militancy

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford

A communist perspective on Welsh Labour and Mark Drakeford

Welsh Labour recently celebrated 100 years of electoral victory and hailed themselves “the most successful political party in the democratic world”. It is worth taking a look at the nation’s dominant political party under Mark Drakeford from the perspective of Welsh Communists.

We must oppose Starmer’s witch-hunt

Seán O’Connell makes the case for why supporting Corbyn is still necessary in the face of Starmer’s continued witch-hunt against the left-wing members of the Labour Party

When the Wyndford wins, we all win

Who are the real criminals in the case of the Wyndford occupation? The 6 arrested on vandalism charges for allegedly forcing their way into vacant flats, or the social vandals forcing the demolition of all 600 of them?