The ‘Chad’ Mick Lynch

In a week of historic strike action, the RMT media strategy presents a much-needed fighting spirit, writes James Meechan

On living in China

In this transcript of a speech delivered to the International Department of the Central Committee, Communist Party of China, YCL member Jacob Fominov describes what it was like living in the nation – from being introduced to Marxism, to seeing the government’s handling of the pandemic first-hand

Lessons from Tiananmen Square

On the 33rd anniversary of the end of the Tiananmen Square protests, Eben Dombay Williams examines why anti-communists continue to use the period as ammunition in the ‘New Cold War’

The Queen

Seventy years of hurt

As The Queen celebrates her 70 year reign, James Meechan exposes the true role and power of the Royal Family within our society, and explores just what it might look like without it.

Why ‘no war but the class war’ is a necessary cliché

It isn’t easy rhetoric — it is simply the best answer, as our government indicates its desire to join the war in Ukraine, we must tie them up at home with a furious escalation of class struggle against the cost-of living crisis, writes James Meechan

Make the rich pay!

This speech was delivered by Shea Stewart at the YCL’s 2022 May Day demonstration in Manchester