Turkish Cypriots in the grip of the status quo

It is a fact that lately we have been witnessing this unexpected and longstanding “scaremongering” propagating the idea that “The day will come when Turkish Cypriots will move to the south of the island and leave Turkey on its own in the north”. What we mostly observe is basically… “Turkish Cypriots in a rush to find jobs in the south because the situation in the north is unbearable”.

Socios and football

Jacob F writes on Socios’ recent attempts to capitalise from football through cryptocurrency, stating that fans should take a stand against the company’s monopolistic practices

It’s not enough to be anti-Tory

Howard Green writes on how the term ‘Tory’ has been pacified from its original provocative meaning, arguing that individuals amongst the left should go further than simply being anti-Tory

After the elections: Communism in the Czech Republic

After a devastating loss of support that saw one of the most successful Communist parties in Europe fail to enter parliament, international head Jaroslav Roman speaks to Conrad Landin about how the nation’s left can recover

On austerity

Matt Cox writes on the tasks of Communists in a time of looming austerity