A Woman’s Place is in The Revolution!

“We must connect with our international sisters in the fight for peace, because where there is war, there is rape. We must develop our praxis continuously to build a universality of Marxist feminism for cultures and experiences across the world.”

Scotland’s drug problem

In the wake of the Scottish government’s complete failure to remedy the drug death epidemic, Phill Kelly discusses the magnitude of this tragedy, and how the only effective response is the communist response

Why a Young Communist League?

“Just as the youth are not a class apart from working people, the YCL cannot be a force apart from the youth”, writes YCL General Secretary Johnnie Hunter

Understanding Iran

“As Marxists, we shouldn’t overlook how history and society develop dialectically by resolving inherent contradictions. The contradictions that existed in Iran’s history up to this point were resolved in a reactionary manner, which led to new contradictions that the country’s people are still dealing with today”, writes Renato Frisoni

Anonymity in the smartphone era

Beyond pen names, are there steps we should take to conceal our identities, and more importantly, should we? Jesse Cook speaks to a range of communist activists to summarise the arguments in favour of a new approach to anonymity on the left as a practical and political stance

Top 10 “Red” books for Christmas 2023

What book do you buy for the Marxist-Leninist who has everything? Or maybe you’re looking for ideas to win around your “left-leaning” mate or family member? Well I’ve raided my bookshelves and here’s my top 10 which I’ve read this year that you may not yet have heard of…

Organising on campus

With the recent emergence of Communist university societies, YCL Student Officer Georgina Andrews explains what students can do to agitate on their campuses