Ukraine’s decommunisation and the rise of fascism

“Thirty years since the overthrow of socialism in the Soviet Union, the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, who lived together in peace for more than 70 years, are now shedding their blood fighting each other”, writes Nikos Mottas

Class oppression in Saudi Arabia

Saad Yaqub details instances of class oppression in Saudi Arabia, from the exploitation of migrant workers to the destruction of working-class neighbourhoods

The EU, Nato and Russia: a war long foretold

In his annual Marx graveside oration, Rob Griffiths says Western state-monopoly capitalism and imperialism have worked diligently to encircle Russia, but understanding that does not justify Putin’s attack: we must strive for peace

Meeting Mikhail Kononovich

In 2017, former General Secretary of the YCL, Owain Holland, wrote about his meeting with General Secretary of the Komsomol of Ukraine, Mikhail Kononovich

The ideological function of social media

“The individual is supposedly given complete control over this media under capitalism. Nonetheless, we have never been so powerless in the face of corporate monopolies”, writes Rsaal Firoz

The life of Vukašin Marković

Alek Barovic, writes about Vukašin Marković – one of the first Yugoslavian communists, who went on to assist in revolutions around the world