Across Wales #VoteCommunist

Communists across Wales are gearing up for their biggest election challenge in years, with a contest in all five regional seats.

Four party candidates in each of these lists, 20 in total, are drawn from localities where many of them are well-known as trade union and community activists. Seven are women, with a BAME comrade and 30% are Welsh speakers.

A special Wales website has been built, which makes it easy for voters to get involved in the campaign. A Party leaflet will be sent to homes across the country, to complement TV broadcasts and street stalls.

Voters now have a real alternative to the main parties, which have so often let them down. The communists are the party the rich cannot buy off.

The three main campaign demands are: more powers for the Welsh parliament so it is able to intervene in the economy and to advance workers rights, elimination of health inequalities through a community-based preventative approach and the establishment of a national care service. We are campaigning to mobilise working class voters to end the market madness.

The communists are already campaigning to encourage voter registration especially among the young and new and first time voters.

If you want to help with the campaign, Welsh Communists are calling for you to get in touch.

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