YCL: “Trump’s loss is a victory but the fight against US imperialism continues”

The Young Communist League has issued a statement on the implications of the victory of Joe Biden over Donald Trump is last week’s US election.

YCL: “Remembrance should not be a vehicle to justify and legitimise past or future wars”

The Young Communist League has issued a statement to mark Remembrance Sunday 2020 which is being observed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does the Great October Socialist Revolution mean today?

General Secretary of the Young Communist League, Johnnie Hunter, discusses the reasons behind the October Revolution in Russia, its legacy and, most importantly, its significance today.

Communists on Scotland’s National Question in 2020

YCL General Secretary, Johnnie Hunter, addresses the question of Scottish Independence and the options for working people in Scotland as we approach 2021.

YCL: “Johnson, Sunak and Tories show their true colours over school meals”

The Young Communist League has issued a statement on the sickening refusal by the government to guarantee free school meals during holidays until next Easter.

YCL founds new branch for Brighton & East Sussex

Last week saw the foundation of yet another new YCL branch, this time for Brighton and East Sussex, by young workers and students in the area.

Challenge republishes below the founding statement of the YCL’s newest branch which outlines their campaigning priorities – trade unionism, housing struggles, the student movement, environmentalism, anti-racism and anti-imperialism. As ever, the branch is unlikely to retain the title of newest branch for long with many new branches on the cards in South East England and across Britain …

If you are interested in getting involved in the YCL in Brighton & East Sussex (or further afield!) contact Brighton@ycl.org.uk or go to http://www.ycl.org.uk/join/.

YCL: “We lay the blame for the spiralling mental health crisis squarely at the door of poverty, unemployment and capitalism”

The Young Communist League has issued a statement marking World Mental Health Day 2020.