Thousands march for Palestine

Today (15 May 2021) across Britain, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to protest the oppressive Israeli regime and their constant bombardment of Palestinian people in cities across Britain including London, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Aberdeen.

Communists on the campaign trail ’21

With last week’s ‘Super Thursday’ elections, Communists around the country have been pushing for votes. Being the largest election campaign for the Communist Party since the 1980’s the Communist Party is fighting to provide a genuine alternative to the mainstream political parties up and down Britain.

Young Communists paint Glasgow red with May Day and Centenary Rally

The Young Communist League (YCL) turned out in force to Glasgow
on Saturday in a vibrant demonstration marking International Workers Day, just as life resumes in Scotland’s commercial hubs.

YCL on May Day 2021: “The choice for Britain’s youth is socialism or barbarism – socialism or extinction”

The Executive Committee of the Young Communist League has released a statement to mark International Workers Day 2021.

What must a young communist be by Che Guevara

In this excerpt from a speech delivered in 1962, Ernesto Che Guevara discusses the essential qualities of young communists not just in Cuba, but the world over. This oration was first delivered during a commemoration of the integration of Cuba’s revolutionary youth organisations.