This page shows all the printed issues of Challenge from the year 2000 to the present. Check out the Marx Memorial Library for earlier issues from the 20th Century.

At the moment the back catalogue is only available to paid subscribers. Please log in to get access.


  • Numbering for issue 32 is repeated for October 2011 and October 2012. They are separate issues, but the numbering was not incremented. For the sake of continuity the mistake has been preserved.
  • We are missing issues 5, 6, 42, 50, and 52.
  • Thanks to Ben Stevenson and Gawain Little for keeping hold of all this material over the years.
  • Before Challenge was re-launched in 2000 the magazine of the YCL was called Young Communist. If anyone has spare copies of this earlier magazine lying around, let us know!
  • The total collection here is around 1.2GB – most of the files here are between 10-40MB each.