The People’s Republic of China on Saturday donated crucial humanitarian aid to Somalia, highlighting the historic relationship between the two nations. Leading the Chinese mission in Somalia, ambassador Fei Shengchao, specified in a statement given to Mogadishu:

 “The pandemic has taken its toll on humanitarian support worldwide for these supplies, the cost of production has gone up 15% and the cost of shipments has soured seven times”.

Despite the drastic increase in the production and shipment costs as well global instability, the Communist Party of China has stuck to its promise and has proven yet again its commitment to humanitarian values and internationalism as it continued on with the delivery.

The symbolic perseverance of both nations, amid the pandemic, was highlighted by the ambassador adding that China and Somalia are well-known for their compassion for each other and for their resilience 

Included in the donation were 10,000 tents, 50,000 mosquito nets, 20,000 aid kits and baby weight scales, stethoscopes and thermometers.

In response, a statement was also issued by Somalia’s Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Khadija Mohamad Dirye who expressed gratitude to the People’s Republic:

Somalia thanks China for its constant role of support to its Government and people in the very dire situation that they’re facing. We received different equipment of humanitarian assistance from our brotherly nation,”

This donation beckons to both the economic, cultural and bilateral ties between China and Somalia which date as far back as the middle ages.

Coincidentally October 17th marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty by the United Nations with China serving as the paragon of human potential lifting 770 million (70% of the global total according to the world bank) out of extreme poverty.

President Xi Jinping highlighted this declaration of war against poverty and hunger nearly a decade ago stating:

China will closely link its development with the common growth of the developing world, connect the Chinese dream with the dream of all the people in the developing countries for a better life, and join hands with other developing countries to create a bright future for common progress,”

Mustafa Harabou, is a member of the YCL’s London branch

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