Communist Party welcomes workers’ fight back

The Communist Party has called for solidarity with trade unionists across Britain who are preparing for a wave of industrial action. 

Speaking to the party’s Political Committee on Wednesday evening (14 April 2021), Andy Bain praised the determination of British Gas employees, London hospital staff and bus drivers, ScotRail and Scottish local council workers, prison education staff, Swansea civil servants, Bristol water workers, Liverpool lecturers and others to defend pay, conditions and health and safety standards at work. “This reflects the growing realisation that employers and their Tory government are using the COVID crisis as an opportunity to attack people’s rights and living standards“, the CP trade union organiser declared. 

He also urged support for the national demonstration called by the People’s Assembly for 26 June in central London, but cautioned that any mass mobilisation should be conditional on no resurgence of COVID infections. “If safe to do so, we need people to demonstrate in their thousands against the planned return to austerity and mass unemployment, as the Tories try to force workers and their families to bail out big business for the second time in just 13 years“, Mr Bain urged. 

Britain’s Communists also welcomed the likelihood of local and regional demonstrations before and after June 26, while urging organisers to heed anti-COVID safeguards. Outlining plans for two major ‘Unemployment Fightback!’ online events on 29 May and 5 June, Andy Bain reported an enthusiastic response from trade union leaders and activists to invitations to address the meetings. 

The Political Committee also congratulated party members and supporters on their vigorous election campaigning in Scotland, England and Wales following the launch of the Communist Party’s all-Britain manifesto on Tuesday.

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