CP to host ‘Future of Work’ conference on 5 December 2020

What is the future for work and workers? As part of it’s Centenary calendar, the Communist Party is hosting an important conference with leading activists and researchers, to question these fundamental issues and discuss how activism can have an impact.

Alongside health, there can be no bigger, nor more pressing subject, than the future of work. Capitalism is a failed system, seeking to maintain itself by a greater drive to concentrate capital, introduce job replacing technology and degrading Labour. No job is immune to restructuring and ever greater intensity of exploitation, with the threat of unemployment hanging over all. 

The future condition of workers has never been more under threat. The Communist Party has made the struggle against unemployment and for an industrial strategy of high quality work for all, its number one priority. 

This conference is a step in that campaign. Alongside the organisation of such struggles will go the ideas, to guide the workers of Britain. You are invited to participate, to hear leading activists and researchers, to question fundamentals and to find out how your activism can have an impact.

SESSION ONE – 11:30am – 1pm – Socialism, technology and the future of work

SESSION TWO – 1:30pm – 3pm – The struggle for Jobs and an industrial strategy

Speakers (in a personal capacity) include:

  • Gail Cartmail – President of TUC
  • Michael Roberts – Blogger and Marxist economist, author of ‘Marx 200’ and ‘Engels 200’
  • Leonardo Impett – Assistant Professor Computer Science
  • Ursula Huws – Hertford Professor on Labour and Globalisation, author of Labour in Contemporary Capitalism: What Next?
  • Dr Andrew Maybury – Chair Midlands District Communist Party
  • Carolyn Jones – Director of Institute of Employment Rights
  • Roger McKenzie – UNISON Assistant General Secretary
  • Tony Burke – AGS Unite the Union
  • Keith Ewing – Institute of Employment Rights
  • Andy Bain – CP trade union organiser
  • Sarah Woolley General Secretary BFAWU

Register for the event here – https://www.communistparty.org.uk/future-of-work/

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