WFDY: “No to imperialist intervention in Belarus!”

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) has issued a statement on current developments in Belarus following the presidential elections.

The YCL is Britain’s affiliate to WFDY, one of over 180 progressive and anti-imperialist youth organisations from more than 100 countries that are members. WFDY organises campaigns as well as solidarity brigades in support of peace, self-determination for all people and social and economic progress.

After the presidential election, held on 9th of August of 2020, and that has elected Alexander Lukashenko as the President of Belarus, the imperialist forces such as NATO, the USA and the European Union have expressed their disagreement.

The first days after the election, the bordering countries that are members of NATO urged the repetition of them despite Belarus having requested the OSCE to inspect the electoral act. The 19th of August, the European Union decided to take several measures against Belarus to force an electoral repetition and the imposition of a solution to your liking:

  1. To not recognize the result of the presidential election.
  2. To establish illegal unilateral coercive measures against Belarus.
  3. To assign 53 million € for “Belarusian initiatives”.

The situation in Belarus can not be separated from the context of the growing inter-imperialist tension that we have been witnessing in recent times. Nor can it be separated from the imperialist interventions that have already suffered in Ukraine and other parts of the world, which have led to reactionary, extreme right-wing or fascist forces coming to power.

Because of this situation, the World Federation of Democratic Youth declares the following:

  • The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the support that Imperialism is giving to reactionary, extreme right-wing, and fascist forces, which participate in the movements of the last days with fascist symbols.
  • The World Federation of Democratic Youth rejects the imperialist interference, the illegal unilateral coercive measures and any attempt by Imperialism to impose its interests in Belarus or any country in the world.
  • The World Federation of Democratic Youth denounces that the imperialist forces such as the European Union can not give lessons on “freedom” when they are imprisoning our comrades, they are banning Communist Parties, and so on. Nor can they give lessons in the defence of “human rights”, when the United Nations has repeatedly rejected measures such as unilateral coercive measures as a violation of the International Bill of Human Rights.
  • The World Federation of Democratic Youth reiterates that the future of any country in the world must be led solely and exclusively by its people, without outside interference or intrusion by imperialist forces.
  • The World Federation of Democratic Youth expresses its solidarity with the youth and people of Belarus, wishing that they find, free of foreign interference, the paths of peace and progress for their country.

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