Communist Party to host Centenary Online Gala and 10 Red Wedge meetings

The Communist Party has announced key dates for their adjusted Centenary Celebration plans. The CP turns 100 on the 31st of July. A busy Centenary calendar planned for 2020 had to be adjusted in light of COVID-19 restrictions – but local and national celebrations are taking place online and in branches across Britain.

Where will you be on 1 August? On that day, one hundred years ago, in the wake of war and revolt across Europe, Britain’s Marxists formed a new kind of revolutionary political party. It served only one master, the workers. It was a party the rich could not buy. Its members could be found in every arena of class struggle,

  • in factories organising for wages and equality
  • in unions, women’s, anti imperialist and peace struggles
  • volunteering to fight fascism in Spain and apartheid in South Africa.

They still fight on, a hundred years onwards.

On 1 August you can join us for an online gala and celebration of our history of struggle for socialism. You can find out about Marxism.

There are ten Red Wedge meetings for women, anti racists, environment campaigners, internationalists and young activists. That’s followed by a mass meeting for trade unionists and a online rally for the workers’ daily, the Morning Star, also enjoying a 90th anniversary of its own. 

We will launch films, books and a souvenir tabloid newspaper, you can discover and read rare pamphlets and listen to solidarity messages from around the world.

At you can register for these events. We look forward to seeing you on 1 August!

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