Class oppression in Saudi Arabia

Saad Yaqub details instances of class oppression in Saudi Arabia, from the exploitation of migrant workers to the destruction of working-class neighbourhoods

Protesters successfully stop Home Office raid in Glasgow

Hundreds of protesters in the Southside of Glasgow have today (13 May 2021) managed to stop a Home Office attempt to detain and deport two local residents to Afghanistan. At around 10am this morning, calls went out from local direct action groups, including the No Evictions Network, to physically resist the deportation attempt. One individual lodged himself underneath the Home Office van before other activists could arrive to stop the van from moving.

The working day after the revolution

Evan Richards writes about the difference between labour in a capitalist society and that of a revolutionary socialist society, arguing that only socialism can truly emancipate workers from wage-slavery and other forms of work-based exploitation.

Rent waivers violate ‘human rights’ says Labour MP

Labour MP Clive Betts told renters union ACORN that rent waivers risked violating “Human Rights” yesterday (May 6th 2020). Mr Betts who is Chair of Select Housing Committee made this statement in a response to a letter from ACORN seeking greater protection for renters during the COVID-19 pandemic.