On the comments made by Wilfried Zaha

Recently, Zaha has come out and stated that he will no longer be taking the knee before Premier League matches or wearing Black Lives Matter on his shirt as he claims that players “should stand tall” and that the gesture is becoming “degrading.” This has obviously caused quite the stir amongst the football community, but the issues run deeper here.

Letters from America

With the US presidential election just around the corner, Challenge correspondent Ellis Garvey, speaks with Luke Watkins, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and an active member in the Teamsters Union.

Challenge looked specifically at the current situation on the ground in the USA, and what the options are for US workers to provide an alternative to the status quo and to bring developing events to their conclusion. The first part of the interview focused on the ongoing BLM protests, examining how they have impacted working class organisations.

Getting serious about fighting racism

If we are serious about fighting racism we must engage with people, not get them sacked – it does not do, in a society in which the balance of power rests overwhelmingly with the employer, to become dependent on the class power of the boss, argues Nick Wright.

Indian Americans and Black Lives Matter

Debadrita Chakraborty, PhD research scholar in Gender and Culture Studies at Cardiff University, argues that Indian immigrants fail to acknowledge their complicity in injustices both in India and the USA.