“Under Capitalism, we can’t breathe” – Communist, Progressive and Anti-Imperialist Youth Organisations

45 Communist, Progressive and Anti-Imperialist Youth Organisations from every continent have signed a joint declaration condemning institutional racism and police violence in the USA, the response of the Trump administration to COVID-19 and expressing solidarity with the struggle of the youth and people of the USA.

Solidarity with the Youth and the people USA

The Communist, Progressive and Anti-Imperialist Youth Organisations, that sign this common announcement, condemn the most recent criminal acts in the USA,  the brutal murder of  African-American George Floyd, by the police, and the violent repression and attempted criminalisation of  the struggles against racism, injustices and social inequalities. These events have exposed once again the aggressiveness of the USA and its Trump administration in the offensive against the workers and the people of the United States.

The American youth are among the main victims of the successive administrations’ anti-people policies. The racist crimes, police violence and repression have never stopped. Moreover, millions have no home. They do not have access to school up to the highest levels of education. They do not have access to the most basic health care. They live on precarious and underpaid jobs. They are faced with serious social scourges, such as racism and discrimination. That’s why they protest. That’s why they resist.

The USA tries to hide at every cost its decay and the dramatic situation lived by the people of the country by the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19 and by the inadequate measures of Trump’s administration, which have worsen the range of the social and economic consequences of the outbreak.

A situation which has come to expose capitalism’s nature and the social scourges by which it is responsible, including the enormous inequalities and injustices that mark the social reality of the USA – such as the lack of access to medical assistance or poverty – consequences of the politics of successive US administrations, serving the big capital.

Mired in its contradictions, the US – but also most of the Western “liberal democracies” – rely increasingly on purely repressive means to try to control popular discontent, leading in an aggravation of police brutality. Racism and discrimination are further reinforced, in the aim of dividing working people, fueling even more police violence.

The situation experienced in the USA has come to expose the capitalist system and its exploitative, oppressive, predatory and aggressive nature more clearly, as well as the role of north-american imperialism, which seeks at all costs to face its decline and the  crisis of the capitalism, imposing, in articulation with its NATO and EU allies, aggression, interference and war against peoples and countries.

The world’s problems have no solution in the capitalist system and are aggravated by the offensive of imperialism, particularly the USA, and the deepening of its contradictions as exposed by the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19.

The solution is to reinforce the anti-imperialist struggle, for peace, for the sovereignty of the peoples, for the rights of the workers, the people and the youth, the struggle for the revolutionary overcoming of the capitalist system – for socialism, that remains necessary and timely.

We reaffirm our solidarity with the youth, the workers and the people of the USA and particularly with the young communists, who are today struggling against the Trump administration and who, facing all kinds of attacks on their rights, keep the struggle alive for a different society.

In capitalism we can’t breathe!

For the solidarity of all the youth and the peoples!

For the anti-imperialist fight!

  • Federation of Communist Youth, Argentina
  • Communist Youth of Austria
  • Bangladesh Youth Union
  • COMAC, Belgium
  • Communist Youth Union, Brazil
  • Socialist Youth Union, Brazil
  • Young Communist League of Britain
  • Youth organisation of the African Party of independence of Cape Verde
  • Communist Youths of Chile
  • Colombian Communist Youth
  • Young Socialists of the Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
  • United Democratic Youth Organisation, Cyprus
  • Youth Communists of Denmark
  • Young Communists Movement of France
  • Socialist German Workers Youth
  • Communist Youth of Greece
  • All India Students Federation
  • Tudeh Youth of Iran
  • Young Communist Youth Of Israel
  • Italian Communist Youth Federation
  • Front of the Communist Youth, Italy
  • Young Communists, Italy
  • Communist Youth of Mexico
  • National Youth Federation Nepal
  • Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands
  • Peruvian Communist Youth
  • Communist Youth Of Peru-Patria Roja
  • Portuguese Communist Youth
  • Leninist Communist Youth Union of the Russian Federation
  • Young Communist League of Yugoslavia, Serbia
  • UJSÁRIO, Western Sahara
  • Young Communist League of South Africa
  • Communist Youth Union of Spain
  • Communist Youth of the Peoples of Spain
  • Communist Youth of Catalonia
  • New Galiza, Youth of the Galician Nationalist Bloc
  • Socialist Youth Union, Sri Lanka
  • Socialist Students Union, Sri Lanka
  • Revolutionary Communist Youth, Sweden
  • Communist Youth of Switzerland
  • Syrian Communist Youth Union- Khaled Bagdash Youth
  • Communist Youth of Turkey
  • Young Communist League of CPUSA
  • League of Young Communists USA
  • Communist Youth of Venezuela

    The Common Announcement remains open to other subscriptions.

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