WFDY opposes anti-communism and the indirect ban against German Communists

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) has released a statement condemning developments in Germany where there is an anti-communist effort by the state to ban by the backdoor the Germany Communist Party (DKP) and its youth organisation, the Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ), a fellow member of WFDY.

The YCL is Britain’s affiliate to WFDY, one of over 180 progressive and anti-imperialist youth organisations from more than 100 countries that are members. WFDY organises campaigns as well as solidarity brigades in support of peace, self-determination for all people and social and economic progress.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth shows its full support to the DKP and its youth organisation, the SDAJ (a member organisation of WFDY) in their struggle against the indirect party ban that the German state is trying to impose on them.

The German electoral authorities have decided to withdraw the DKP’s status as a political party and thus prevent it from standing in the federal elections in September this year. The excuse is a delay in submitting the party’s financial reports when parties in the system have been in arrears for years without any legal threat.

In fact, deputies of the right-wing CDU party have taken up to a year to submit their incomes and submitted them late every year since 2011, without even going into the latest corruption cases. Of course, in none of these cases were there any repercussions for the MPs or the parties.

Moreover, this is not an isolated case but part of a broad anti-communist campaign by the Federal Republic of Germany in particular, and by the ruling classes and imperialist forces in general, to discredit, harass and wipe out democratic, progressive and anti-imperialist forces. The same persecution has been suffered by other member organisations of the WFDY and other friend organisations within this international campaign of criminalisation of the popular, anti-imperialist, workers’, democratic, communist, progressive movements and, in general, by all those who struggle to build a world free from exploitation and oppression of any kind.

Another example is the European Parliament resolution of October of 2019 equating Communism with Nazi-Fascism, another assault in the ideological offensive of the ruling classes to compare those who fought to liberate us from Nazi-Fascist barbarism with those very same people responsible for one of the greatest crimes against humanity.

The anti-imperialist youth of the world will not tolerate the indirect party ban of our comrades of the SDAJ and their party, the DKP.

Solidarity with the DKP and SDAJ! Let’s continue struggling until we have built the world we have dreamed of and fought for!

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