Stop attacking Cuba!

Statement from the PCE about recent advances from imperialist powers upon Cuba

A new damaging motion against Cuba, subservient as always to the desires of the United States, has been presented for debate in the European Parliament (EP) by right-wing and far-right parties. A new rap music song, created in Madrid and Miami to insult the Cuban Revolution, is today’s excuse. The writers called it “evil”, openly agreed with far-right positions, new and classic fascism, as well as with the most reactionary circles in the US State Department and Florida lobbies. 

 For decades now, the US administration has been feeding any disappointment that could damage Cuban reputation. They have drawn on anything: from armed operations to economic embargo, as well as fake reports, military attacks, lying or discredit campaigns, along with diplomatic pressure or political coercion towards other countries so that they join in the aggressions. The US has backed the Ladies in White, as well as a peculiar San Isidro Movement and any wannabe artist who dreams about Yankee support and money. Today is the turn of the writers of a vulgar tune, with lyrics that try to insult the dignity of Cuban people and their fight towards autonomy from American imperialism. 

Throughout many years, the vast majority of the UN General Assembly members have condemned the blockade policy by the US on Cuba, as they consider it the main source of the economic problems that disrupt Cuban people’s lives. The twisted reasoning behind the United States’ actions have been clear for a long time now: the embargo causes enormous damage to Cubans, and then it uses the legitimate worries of the Cuban population due to the economic situation to manipulate their weariness and to direct it towards their own country. Washington just conceives one version of Cuba: that of a country subservient to its desires. 

Every attack on Cuba must come to an end, as they all violate International Law, people’s sovereignty, the Charter of the United Nations and any fair and balanced relation. No government can deny that these attacks have caused huge economic losses and have hindered the development of the country. Introducing Cuba in the list of the States Sponsors of Terrorism, a completely infamous idea, has been the last pitiful action. 

The European Parliament should not give way to this US injurious policy by supporting such a resolution. It’d be meaningful to support a new sieging operation against Cuba, since European institutions have always been silence about illegal and forced detainees, as well as the tortures performed by the US military, and the deaths of prisoners inside Guantánamo, which is on Cuban land occupied by the US. 

It is revealing that the European Parliament is not adopting any measures against Colombia’s violations of human rights, as the police and the army are shooting people down on the streets and citizens “disappear”. While thousands of people demonstrate in Colombian streets to claim for their rights, they are welcomed by open fire from a despicable government and the paramilitary groups keep on murdering all over the country. 

Moreover, the European Parliament doesn’t stand against the war crimes in the occupied West Bank, where Israel has killed many Palestinian demonstrators in just a few days, as well as in Gaza, where president Netanyahu just bombed civilians and caused hundreds of casualties. While they witness such crimes, right-wing European parties want our Parliament to turn a blind eye to violence and killings. They want to prevent any means of solidarity with the victims, while they demand a firm hand and sanctions against Cuba in a cruel and hypocritical way. 

The United States carry on with their old and compulsive prosecution of the Cuban people, which should not be supported by the European Union. Still, under the embargo set by the US, Cuba has set an example of solidarity and fraternity towards thousands of victims during the COVID-19 pandemic by sending doctors to more than forty countries that received no help whatsoever from developed countries. We cannot expect anything from European right and far-right parties, but the European Parliament should have the decency to take a step back and withdraw its support from the US harassment and prosecution of a respectable country such as Cuba. 

Therefore, the Communist Party of Spain wants to send its best to the Cuban people, to Mr. Miguel Díaz-Canel’s government and to the Communist Party of Cuba. We call Spanish workers and trade unions, political organizations and every European progressive and democratic party, to strengthen their solidarity towards Cuba and to push the European Parliament away from the aggressions and towards a dialogue with Cubans and their government. 

Secretariat of International Relations,
Communist Party of Spain (PCE)

One thought on “Stop attacking Cuba!

  1. According to many on the Left here in the UK, the EU is the best hope for socialism in Europe, apparently. Notwithstanding a democratic vote, much of it by lower income, working people, which clearly chose to leave this institution, those Leftists want it overturned and the UK restored to its former place. I don’t know how they reconcile that belief with the historical and present reality of the European Union: neoliberal, putting the interests of capital before people, denying life to poor migrants of colour by letting them drown in the Mediterranean and as this article shows, attacking the government of Cuba for not being the capitalist ideal.

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