Communist Party to hold online May Day Rally – 1 May 2021

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place across Britain, the Communist Party is organising an all Britain online rally at 6pm to mark International Worker’s Day 2021.

The celebration of May Day will also be the biggest online meeting of the Party’s 2021 election campaigns. This will have been the Party’s largest electoral contest since the 1980s and the rally is being held under the slogan ‘Vote Communist, join the struggle, build the party!

It’s an opportunity to meet CP candidates and put questions directly to them. It’s also an excellent chance for voters and activists to find out what the CP stands for.

Speakers include: Robert Griffiths (South East Wales), Judith Cazorla Rodenas and Akira Allman (GLA London), Steve Handford (Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne), Andrea Burford (North Evington, Leicester), Markus Keaney (High Town, Luton), Aaron Andrew (Longsight, Manchester), Laura Picand (South West Wales), Catrin Ashton (Mid & West Wales),Claudia Cannon (Mid & West Wales), Daniel Lambe (Motherwell and Wishaw), Johnnie Hunter (Glasgow List), communist councillor Darren Turner (Tower, Bury St Edmunds) and international speaker João Pimenta Lopes, member of the central committee of the Portuguese Communist Party. Chaired by Liz Payne, Chair of the Communist Party.

You can read more and register for the event here:

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