Communist Party plans biggest electoral campaign since 1983

Last weekend’s Communist Party Executive Committee discussed plans to mount one of its biggest electoral campaigns since the early 1980s.

It was reported to the EC that organising meetings have been held across Britain, campaign plans sketched out, artworkers are working on designs and finishing touches are being made to Manifestos for elections in Wales, Scotland and later, for England.

In May, the Communist Party will contest parliamentary seats in Scotland and all the regional party lists in Wales. Across England, comrades will be standing in local and county council elections.

The EC meeting agreed that COVID-19 restrictions wouldn’t prevent the Party fighting the election with everything at its disposal and told comrades to expect campaign flyers, bilingual TV broadcasts, and social media campaigning backed-up with a programme of all-Britain online public meetings where voters can meet and question our candidates. Wherever safe and possible, the Party has promised to engaged in door-to-door canvassing.

The Party has promised to campaign for working class, popular and socialist policies aimed at organising youth to fight for a future, including:

  • Opposition to cuts – investing in public services and sustainable jobs in manufacturing.
  • Implementing a Zero-Covid strategy.
  • Restoring power to education authorities.
  • Ending privatisation in the NHS, making the case for a pay rise for NHS workers and restoring publicly-provided social and elderly care.
  • A concerted programme of investment in home-building – led by local councils.
  • Investment in public transport – taking services back into accountable public ownership.
  • The need for powers and resources to be devolved to national governments and the English regions; and
  • asserting ‘progressive federalism’, to build working class unity at nation and local government level, equipped with radical powers to redistribute wealth.

It is exciting news for everyone serious about rebuilding a mass, vibrant and militant communist movement in Britain that, at last, voters in millions of homes will have a chance to vote Communist Party this year.

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