YCL: “Solidarity with the people of Western Sahara!”

The Young Communist League has issued a statement condemning recognition of the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara by the USA and recent violent attacks by Moroccan occupation forces.

With Trump’s presidency coming to an end, the reactionary elements in the US and Arab world have sought to cement a circumstance of chaos and division. The two-prongs of Trump’s new deal with Morocco is not only a direct attack on the people of Western Sahara, but also a direct attack on the people of Palestine.

This emboldening of reactionary elements in Morocco, Israel, and the Arab world not only sets in motion the potential of more violence and repression against some of the most oppressed people in the globe, but also is a desperate sign of the US trying to force their control in a region they should stop meddling in.

We in the Young Communist League of Britain, stand shoulder to shoulder with our comrades in WFDY and the people of Western Sahara. We will continue to fight against the repressions and violence against the Western Saharan people and shall continue to fight imperialism in all its guises.

The circumstances within Western Sahara have, effectively, gone unnoticed in the English speaking media due to lack of awareness of situation, and lack of interest in the region. The US’s recognition of Rabat’s claims over Western Sahara is not done out of any sympathy for conflict but is direct pressure to encourage Morocco to fall in line with the US’s imperialist goals in the region.

Solidarity with the people of Western Sahara!
Solidarity with all who oppose this act of imperialism!

Executive Committee
Young Communist League

15 December 2020
London, Britain

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