Conquer your future: join the YCL today!

Johnnie Hunter, YCL General Secretary & Challenge Editor

Comrades and friends

We are approaching the halfway mark in the Young Communist League’s September Recruitment Month and already significant numbers of young workers and students from across Britain are answering the call to join the Communists.

Britain’s Communist Party and YCL have set about systematically rebuilding our movement and fighting the key struggles of the labour and progressive movements as we do so. We’re clear that we have to massively increase our numbers and our critical mass if we’re to play our historically essential role as a leading force among Britain’s working people in the struggle for peace and socialism.

This isn’t a fight that we’re conducting from an ivory tower. We’re part of the thousands of struggles taking place everyday in our communities, schools, campuses and workplaces. We’re fighting to unite the local battles to the national struggle against Boris Johnson’s Tory Government, and our national struggle in Britain to the international fight for socialism.

That is why this month especially we are calling for young workers and students from across Britain to answer the call. We’re calling on them to step up and join the Communist Party and the YCL and to dedicate themselves to the fight for socialist change.

Increasing numbers of young people are answering that call. They’re deciding to join the tradition of over a century of struggle in Britain, building on the individual and collective contributions of the tens of thousands of British Communists that have gone before us. We are proud of our history, but we aren’t custodians of the past. We are a movement of the present and we’re fighting to build a bright future.

But our whole future, the survival of humanity and our planet as we know it hang in the balance under capitalism. Time is running out. Capitalism and our ruling class have proven themselves unable and unwilling to save the planet because of a suicidal obsession with short term greed at all costs. In this context our struggle for socialism takes on a new urgency.

It is the socialist countries who have shown how we can and must fight the unfolding climate catastrophe. This is why Britain’s ruling class, and the monopoly owned media and BBC which they control, are obsessed with endlessly escalating attacks and anti-communism. We are told in the same breath that communism is, on the one hand, a completely dead and debunked ideology, and, on the other, a dangerous and ever present threat to our society.

We aren’t phased by anti-communist propaganda and smears. Britain’s youth aren’t fooled either and increasing numbers see through the tired Cold War propaganda. The intensifying attacks against socialism and Communists is a confirmation of what Britain’s ruling class see as the real threat in these uncertain times.

Capitalism is ideologically bankrupt. It has nothing to offer the youth in Britain or anywhere on our planet. It is leading humanity on the road to extinction. Britain’s Communists are part of the only truly global historical movement fighting for peace and human liberation in our lifetimes.

Our confidence and our determination flows from the day to day struggles of Britain’s working people, our history and our links today with sister parties and organisations on every continent. Its been a long road, a difficult road, a road with many turns, but its always been a certain one.

If you want to play your part in building the broad movement for progressive change in Britain;

If you’re determined to fight for peace, democracy and socialism;

If you want to live your life with a purpose;

Join the YCL today.


Johnnie Hunter
General Secretary
Young Communist League

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