No new Covid-19 cases in Vietnam today

It was reported today (30 August 2020) that Vietnam had no new Covid-19 cases, keeping the national count to a mere 1,040, despite the substantial land border with China.

By comparison here in Britain, with less than 70% of Vietnam’s population, there have been over 300,000 confirmed cases. This likely excludes thousands more, who were unable to get tested in the early days of the pandemic- discussed here.

Furthermore, Vietnam’s treatment sub-committee reported that 677 out of the 1,040 patients have been given the all-clear. The death toll has reached 32. This figure stands in stark comparison to the estimated figure of 60,000 Coronavirus related deaths here in the UK. In addition, it is a clear reminder of the power of socialism, and the need to fight for an economy which puts people before profits.

Early on, the Vietnamese Government made it clear that it would happily shut down the economy if it saved the life of just one person. It’s approach has been successful, as shown not only by its death toll, but also by its booming economy, one of the few countries who have managed to bounce back from the early days of the pandemic.

For more info on Vietnam, read Nhân Dân, the central organ of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the voice of the Party, State and People of Vietnam.

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