YCL founds new Cheshire Branch

Last Saturday (18 July 2020) saw the foundation of another new YCL branch in the Northwest of England, this time among the young workers and students in the county of Cheshire.

The welcome development follows the foundation of a new YCL branch in Merseyside the weekend before, both representing important steps forward for the organisation both in the North West and nationally.

Meeting through Zoom for the branch’s inaugural meeting, the Cheshire comrades were eager to waste no time in getting the branch off the ground and proved to be unphased by the practical difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joining a number of new branches which have been founded over the last few months, the Cheshire comrades will take the title of youngest branch in Britain from their Merseyside comrades – but at this rate it might not stay in the North West for long …

The YCL’s North West Organiser, James Masterson, welcomed the further strengthening of the League in the region and indicated that the first District Congress since refoundation will soon be on the cards.

The YCL’s district and nation structures coordinate the work between branches, feed in to the democratic structures of the League and make detailed policy for the issues affecting working youth in the area.

The Cheshire Branch will initially focus on building the presence of the YCL in the area and developing the political campaigning work of the organisation. The branch comrades include students, young workers and trade unionists.

The Cheshire and Merseyside branches are some of many founded over the recent period. The milestones points to the continuing progress being made in building the YCL across Britain.

The YCL’s General Secretary, Johnnie Hunter, attended the foundation meeting as the fraternal delegate from the YCL’s Executive Committee commented, “comrades should be immensely proud of this step that they have made possible. There will be challenges along the road but your comrades from across Britain will be with you every step of the way. Britain’s young communists are going from strength to strength and we all have our part to play in the revival of our movement.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the YCL in Cheshire (or further afield!) contact Cheshire@ycl.org.uk or go to www.ycl.org.uk/join/.

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