Poetry Corner: Anti-Imperialist Declaration

Panagiotis Maniatis 

From the populous demonstration outside the ‘Embassy’

we declare our opposition to the domination of imperialism.

Either as Cuban boatmen

or as Vietnamese old moles

we protest forcible interventions

and coups

calling for independence

from theocracies, monarchies

and economic oligarchies.

Do you remember when we protested for Iraq,

Syria, Libya and Afghanistan?

Against the partition of Yugoslavia

and the destabilization of Venezuela?

Years and years we have been crying out against the bloodshed 

for oil and wealth-producing resources

in solidarity with the struggle of the peoples,

we are the enemies of the murderous imperialists. 

Lifelong warriors for the day

we will live in peace

in a world without wars, poverty and exile.

Panagiotis Maniatis

“Panagiotis Maniatis was born in Athens, April 1986. A rebellious and inquisitive spirit who took part in the pupil mobilizations of ’98. He was at the anti-war rallies of 2003 and an active participant in the student struggles of 2006-07. Since 2008 he has been a dynamic defendant of Marxist-Leninist culture in the socio-political spacetime of late capitalism.”

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