The life of Vukašin Marković

Alek Barovic, writes about Vukašin Marković – one of the first Yugoslavian communists, who went on to assist in revolutions around the world

Challenge archive: Soviet – here is the truth

In this article from August 26, 1939, the former Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain dispel myths surrounding the ‘Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact’. Often referenced by anti-communists as a means of equating communism with nazism, the Pact has been falsely weaponised since its inception – with such narratives disregarding the Soviet Union’s unparalleled struggle against the Nazis alongside Western collaboration with fascism. 

Review: Agent Sonya by Ben Macintyre

The biography on Ursula Kuczynski (aka Agent Sonya) by Ben McIntyre is an exciting account of a woman who took many risks as a spy for the Soviet Union whilst being a mother of three children.