Capital of world’s largest democracy experiencing a parallel universe

Debojit Banerjee reports on the inspiring farmers movement taking to the streets of India today to challenge the right-wing Modi government on the nation’s Republic Day.

From the trade union strike to the farmers strike: the protests going on in India

Debojit Banerjee outlines the conditions underlying the massive movements of workers and farmers resisting the right-wing Modi government in India today with the biggest strike action ever seen.

Over 250 million workers dissent against India’s government in national strike

On the Thursday 26th November, India experienced one of the highest strike turnouts in the country’s history. The Mazdoor Kisan strike mobilised workers from all industries in response to the Modi government’s implementation of anti-labour laws.

India’s Communists: steadfast defenders of secular democracy

General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Sitaram Yechury, discusses the historic struggles of the CPI(M) in its centenary year and the contemporary struggle for secularism in the face of Modi’s Hindu nationalist government.

India: the suspension of labour laws is one more neoliberal cruelty by the BJP

Abass Rather and Aqib Yousuf discuss the impact of assaults on labour laws in various Indian states as the capitalist class seeks to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to attack trade union rights and working class living standards.