Extinction “Rebellion”: Green capital against the working class

Dom Cerasoli outlines Extinction Rebellion’s redundant position in the struggle against climate change, and why socialism is the only way to save our planet . XR is back. Yesterday swarms of idealistic citizens young and old, worker and student, precarious, off-grid and cringingly middle class, once again descended on central London to wreak havoc inContinue reading “Extinction “Rebellion”: Green capital against the working class”

Combatting Climate Change: A Truly Green Movement Is the Deepest Shade of Red

The effects of climate change remain a common discussion point in today’s society, as all forms of broadcasting continually highlight that we must be mindful that our current routines are ruining the planet as we know it. This is something the left should celebrate; forcing climate change deniers to retreat into sectarian cluster groups that bear little relevance or influence upon society is a victory that should not be taken lightly and positively celebrated.