“If Da Kids Are United”: when Gabbers took a stand against fascism within the scene

Nathan Capnzik retells the fight against far-right infiltration in the Gabber scene and highlights the power of music to bring young people together with an anti-fascist message.

Glasgow anti-racist demo ends with dangerous and bias policing

Police Scotland yet again targeted anti-fascist activists following a grassroots demonstration held in Glasgow’s George Square on Saturday (20 June 2020) in a response to attacks on an asylum seeker solidarity protest earlier in the week.

Obituary: Cécile Rol-Tanguy

Julian Jones pays tribute to recently passed legendary French communist and resistance fighter, Cécile Rol-Tanguy.

VE Day 75: a living legacy and an unfinished struggle

It is easy for young people in Britain today to overlook the importance of the outcome of the Second World War for world history and the current political situation we face today. It is difficult to comprehend the scale of the sacrifice and the bravery of previous generations in the struggle to defeat Nazi Fascism.

20. Anti-Fascism

Lenin called Imperialism the highest stage of Capitalism, and we view Fascism as its necessary extension, its naked face. In contrast to our socialist belief that power should rest in working class hands, Fascism demands total ruling class control over the nation. It is class collaboration over class struggle, the dictatorship of capital, a form of extreme nationalism, acting as the last ditch defence of capital against the rising power of the working class. Its features are a militaristic regime based upon terror, where civil liberties are repressed, and where profit is the root and fruit of racism.