Tories used “VIP lane” to award their friends millions in PPE contracts, leaked list shows

A leaked report published this week reveals how several Conservative peers and MPs funnelled companies towards a “VIP lane” for PPE contracts, with many of these firms holding personal connections to these politicians.

COP26 climate commitments fall short of the mark, new report shows

This year’s COP26 summit in Glasgow has seen strong words from many world leaders on their commitment to tackle global climate change. However, when one looks at the concrete policies being carried out by these governments, it becomes clear that what world leaders are saying on climate and what is actually being done are two very different things.

Tory budget offers nothing to better the lives of British workers

Last week’s budget made something of a departure from the austerity that shaped the last decade of Tory policy, with commitments of greater funding across the public sector, however, it offers nothing to fundamentally better the lives of British workers in the face of rising prices, wage stagnation and cuts to Universal Credit.

Shell and BP haven’t paid tax on North Sea operations for three years

It has emerged that Shell and BP, which produce 1.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases a year in total, have not been paying corporation tax on their operations in the North Sea for the last year, according to company filings.

RMT union holds annual conference in Leeds

On Monday, the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) opened their annual general meeting in Leeds. Addressing members, General Secretary Mick Lynch warned that the Conservative government is set to recoup the billions of pounds it spent fighting Covid-19 by attacking workers.

Sunak’s funding package falls short of helping the most vulnerable

A £500 million package is to be announced by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, on Wednesday (27 October 2021), with the purpose of supposedly providing additional support for families through a planned web of “family hubs” in England.

Tories refuse call of medical community to take on COVID-19 spread

The Conservative Party have rejected calls from healthcare officials, including the chief executive of the NHS Confederation, to introduce Plan B COVID-19 regulations. The government declared they have “absolutely no plan” to introduce new measures, at a time when cases continue to rise, with 43,324 new cases recorded on October 19th.