Communist conduct, the broad movement and Fidel, 60 years later

Almost 60 years ago, on 16, 23 and 30 June, 1961 Fidel Castro and other top leaders of the new revolutionary socialist Government of Cuba met with Cuban artists and intellectuals to have a frank exchange of concerns and ideas.

Children of post-socialism: The Polish People’s Republic’s lost generation

A new generation of Polish youth have grown up with little education on the successes that the PZPR had once achieved. The policies of Poland’s post-socialist right-wing governments have subsequently engulfed the nation under neoliberalism and a fundamentalist style-traditionalism.

In Memory of Mark Ashton – YCL General Secretary and Working-Class Hero

Mark Ashton, former General Secretary of the Young Communist League of Britain, passed away on the 11th February, 1987, tragically succumbing to HIV/AIDS at the age of 26. His accomplishments for the advancement of LGBT+ rights in the labour movement and wider society are huge, and we must ensure that all Challenge readers know his name, his accomplishments and his legacy.

German Democratic Republic: East German youth since the fall of socialism

The Berlin Wall fell 32 years ago, this clarified that the policy of Gorbachev was to fully abandon its socialist allies abroad. The socialist system and power of the working class in Europe following this fall would usher in an era of brutal neoliberalism. The ideology that was once held back by the Berlin Wall was now unleashed to pillage Eastern and Central Europe of its riches.

Neoliberal authoritarianism in Egypt

The whiplash of authoritarianism is being ruthlessly used in Egypt. On January 6, 2021, Ahmed Khalifa, social news editor of Egypt 360 website, was arrested after publishing a series of reports on workers’ legitimate protests. He was falsely charged with joining a terrorist group and spreading fake news, and remains in detention to date. Before his arrest, Khalifa published articles about strikes at the state-owned ElDelta Company for Fertilizers and Chemical Industry.

Jewish Involvement in the French Resistance

The Jewish population under the German occupation of France suffered a unique fate, being attacked by the anti-Semitic policies of both the occupants and Vichy. In response, the Jews in France joined various resistance organisations in an effort to preserve their communities and to fight for the liberation of France from Nazism.

Stalin, “Totalitarianism”, and kebab: a response to CBC’s Chris Brown

Brown’s attempts to conflate socialism and fascism under the umbrella of “totalitarianism” are hardly anything original. Rather, they place him in a shameful tradition of historical revisionism amongst some of the most infamous bourgeois academics and other ruling class mouthpieces.