From the trade union strike to the farmers strike: the protests going on in India

Debojit Banerjee outlines the conditions underlying the massive movements of workers and farmers resisting the right-wing Modi government in India today with the biggest strike action ever seen.

Libya: 10 years on

A decade on from the NATO backed coup in Libya which resulted in chaos, Islamist militias, slave markets and a migrant crisis, Challenge correspondent Ellis Hassan Garvey, speaks with Mohamed Benayad, a refugee forced to flee Libya and now living in Turkey, to counter the way Libyans and the Green Libya are portrayed in Western media.

The Three Conditions for Revolutionary Struggle

Revolution, revolutionary situations and the conditions for revolution are fundamental ideas in Marxist-Leninist theory. Tom Partis and Seán Manuel shed light on what these concepts mean in practice and their importance for the left in Britain today.

Interview with Leslie Barson, Co-founder of Granville Community kitchen and housing activist on the South Kilburn Estate

Joe Bastable interviews Leslie Barson to discuss foodaid, social housing issues and gentrification in London and across Britain.

Manchester students secure historic rent strike win – but the fight doesn’t end here

Fresh from the victorious Owens Park Occupation, Hannah Philips says the success must be a call to action for students across Britain to fight against sky-high fees, extortionate accommodation and inadequate courses.

Europe’s young communists declare ‘Socialism or Barbarism’ in the midst of COVID-19 second wave

Abbie Rhodes reports on a recent online conference which brought together European communist youth organisations to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the struggles being led by the youth across the continent.

Stop dancing in the streets and consider why Trump almost won

Nick Wright argues that behind the liberal hysterics at his vulgar persona and ineptitude, Trump’s administration was actually delivering on its promises — and restoration of the violent neoliberal order is nothing to celebrate.