Challenge: Voice of Britain’s youth – yesterday, today and tomorrow

The essential purpose and the central task of Challenge in this regard is not an easy one: Our magazine, like our organisation, is addressed with nothing less than winning mass support among young workers and students for revolutionary socialism, the Communist Party and our programme, Britain’s Road to Socialism

How the YCL fought apartheid

Luke Tuchscherer meets Steve Marsling, one of the ‘London recruits’ who faced torture and prison on clandestine missions to fight the racist dictatorship in South Africa.

Bath rated UK’s most “progressive” city

The West of England Branch of the Young Communist League are dismayed, but not surprised, at the uncritical reporting from news outlets that financial services company Bankrate have rated the city of Bath the UK’s “most progressive place… to live and work”

Canadian YCL Congress held last weekend

The YCL-LJC held its Extraordinary Convention under the sign of combativeness and unity on August 22 and 23. The COVID19 pandemic had forced the YCL-LJC to postpone the 28th Central Convention initially scheduled for June 2019. However, the evolution and worsening of the crisis triggered by the COVID19 pandemic and the need to integrate a […]

Young Communists in the West of England

As secretary of the West of England branch, in the year preceding the YCL’s centenary, it feels timely to reflect on the experiences of participating within the League as a member of a newly founded branch. The other members of West of England YCL and I found out about each other through our branch and […]