Communist Party: “people’s security vital in the fight against COVID-19”

The Communist Party has called for urgent action to guarantee employment, income, housing and food security in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. “Millions of workers are facing cuts in hours or lay-offs and redundancies”, the party’s Trade Union Organiser Andy Bain reported at its Political Committee on yesterday evening (29 October 2020).

Communist Party calls for a new fightback against austerity and unemployment

The Communist Party has issued the October edition of its news sheet Unity! focusing on the need for a mass movement to resist mass unemployment and Tory cuts as we grapple with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Read the full edition online.

CP Executive Committee: “beware Boris bearing gifts”

Trade unions should beware Boris Johnson’s ‘Build Back Better’ strategy because it will demand a high price from workers and their families, the Communist Party warned yesterday (10 October 2020).

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU): 75 years of action, with honour and dignity

Yesterday (3 October 2020), the World Federation of Trade Unions celebrated 75 years since its foundation. On 3 October 1945 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, in a moment that has been indelibly engraved in the memory of the world labour movement, the largest international workers’ assembly until then took the decision to found the World Federation of Trade Unions. Challenge features below a statement released by WFTU marking the occasion.

Events workers stage Day of Action across Britain

Yesterday (30 September 2020), events professionals around the country took part in various actions to expose the dire situation facing workers in this highly profitable industry. Graham Dakin writes about the conditions and challenges that have led them to this point.

Communist Party argues “jobs, safety and investment the key” in response to TUC

In response to the recent TUC conference, Communist Party Chair Liz Payne has urged Britain’s trades union movement to unite to defend every job, demand a safe return to work and to reject EU attempts to limit control of state aid to industry in England, Scotland and Wales, at the party’s most recent Political Committee meeting.

Communist Party centenary events announced for September – December 2020

The August meeting of the Communist Party executive agreed a schedule of events to step-up commemoration of its centenary. These include major online meetings and conferences: Cable street forever! (4 October), Salute the Volunteers for Liberty in Spain (17 October), Launch of Communist Party history (Mid-November) and a conference on The Future of Work (5 December).

CP Executive Committee: COVID-19 shows the need to fight for jobs and pay

“The COVID crisis has exposed jobs, the right to work and society’s total dependence on labour as the fault-line of capitalism”, Andy Bain told the Communist Party’s Executive Committee on Saturday (8 August 2020).