Leading Sudanese Communists arrested as military government continues persecution

The Sudanese Communist Party has faced heightened persecution in recent days, with the country’s ruling military forces arresting three politburo members across two occasions. Such arrests included the party’s general secretary, Muhammad Mukhtar Al-Khatib. This follows the meeting of communist officials with revolutionary forces in South Sudan, as the party pushes for an end to military rule

Sudan sees waves of anti-coup protests

The wave of protests have continued recently despite the reinstatement of the country’s prime minister who had been on house arrest until November 21

Sudan Coup: Liberation statement

Liberation unequivocally condemns the military coup in Sudan, and calls for its immediate cessation and the return of the army and paramilitaries to their barracks

Sudan protests calls for military coup as political crisis deepens

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the presidential palace in Khartoum, Sudan on Saturday calling for the military to seize power as the country grapples with the biggest political crisis in its two-year transition from the government of long-standing president Omar al Bashir who was removed from power in 2019