Scotland’s drug problem

In the wake of the Scottish government’s complete failure to remedy the drug death epidemic, Phill Kelly discusses the magnitude of this tragedy, and how the only effective response is the communist response

Tony Blair: A well deserved knighthood!

Joe Weaver states that the left should recognise the moral bankruptcy of the British monarchy rather than pleaing to the Queen for the removal of Blair’s knighthood

Pandora Papers expose dodgy finances of the rich and powerful

On Sunday (3 October), a leaked cache of 11.9 million financial records was published, detailing 14 companies who work to establish offshore corporations and trusts. The leak has revealed the tax-dodging of many of the world’s rich and powerful, including Tony and Cherie Blair, the Queen’s estate, and Conservative co-chair Ben Elliot.

The Queen found to be funding Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse case

Although this sequence of events has surprised many, the truth is that the history of the monarchy vastly contradicts the reputation it seeks to portray. What has taken place is hundreds of years of brutal colonisation and plundering of the global south, as well as imposing tyranny and poverty upon the people of Britain for the crown’s own benefit.