Ireland: time to go

The Labour Party’s stated intention to campaign to keep partition must be ignored — the British working class will find it’s strength in giving the Irish people the right to choose their future, writes Nick Wright.

Why is Labour losing?

Starmer and his advisers are eager to address the working class as a ‘patriotic’ identity, rather than an economic group that will support progressive policies proposed by people like themselves writes Nick Wright.

Labour’s strange relationship with the bomb

Nuclear weapons are unpopular across the political spectrum, especially in the party Starmer now leads. So why, asks Nick Wright, are these vote-seeking ‘pragmatists’ so hell-bent on keeping them?

Trump hysteria ends in anti-climax

Under Biden, as before, we need the broadest possible class-conscious coalition against the capitalist machine that intends to march the US and the world into more war and poverty — singling out Trump as a ‘fascist’ aberration only hinders that task, writes Nick Wright.

Class struggle is back, but will class politics follow?

Nick Wright argues that despite the disappointing end to the Corbyn era in 2019, the labour movement is not in a weaker place in terms of militancy, membership and motivation — and this can be translated into electoral success once again.

Capitalist ideas and working class power

Nick Wright discusses the prevalence of rampant individualism among Britain’s media and ruling class during the coronavirus pandemic and the ideological significance of attacks on public health measures as ‘Stasi hell’.

Getting serious about fighting racism

If we are serious about fighting racism we must engage with people, not get them sacked – it does not do, in a society in which the balance of power rests overwhelmingly with the employer, to become dependent on the class power of the boss, argues Nick Wright.