Summit of the Americas, or Summit of the USA?

The ninth Summit of the Americas, held between June 6th and 10th, has proven to be little more than a US-led farce. This year’s summit, held in Los Angeles, excluded Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua from attendance, while warmly welcoming Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro. Also in attendance was President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, who criticised Cuba and Venezuela for their supposed “authoritarian tendencies”

UK government terminates P&O contract following mass sacking

The British government has ended its contract with company P&O, following their mass sacking of almost 800 workers. Following the decision, P&O will no longer be responsible for contingency travel between Britain and northern France. Though this move is a welcome one, if overdue, much remains to be done to address P&O’s recent actions

Leading Sudanese Communists arrested as military government continues persecution

The Sudanese Communist Party has faced heightened persecution in recent days, with the country’s ruling military forces arresting three politburo members across two occasions. Such arrests included the party’s general secretary, Muhammad Mukhtar Al-Khatib. This follows the meeting of communist officials with revolutionary forces in South Sudan, as the party pushes for an end to military rule