Jewish Involvement in the French Resistance

The Jewish population under the German occupation of France suffered a unique fate, being attacked by the anti-Semitic policies of both the occupants and Vichy. In response, the Jews in France joined various resistance organisations in an effort to preserve their communities and to fight for the liberation of France from Nazism.

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Remembering the Life and Legacy of Friedrich Wolf

Friedrich Wolf lived in the tumultuous times of social and political crisis in Germany. Born in 1888, Wolf served in the military during the First World War, and the brutality of the war pushed him into left-wing pacifism as a young man. Wolf came from a family of Jewish communists, whose livelihood was threatened after Hitler’s rise to power.

The Capitol riots are not a new milestone in fascism

Maryam Pashali analyses the historic trends behind the storming of the US Capitol and argues that labels of ‘fascism’ provide an easy scapegoat for the leading capitalist ‘democracy’ and its centuries of fostering white supremacy.