There are no shortcuts, we must build class politics and trade union struggle

Harry Williams is a Labour and RMT activist Why do Marxists contest elections? Is it to show that reform of the state is possible? Why do some Marxists join the Labour Party? Is it to prove that the Labour Party is secretly a socialist organisation in need of nudge in the right direction? These areContinue reading “There are no shortcuts, we must build class politics and trade union struggle”

Socialist Democracy and Real Human Rights

One of the aims of the YCL and the Communist Party in Britain is to achieve real democracy in Britain – the dictatorship of the proletariat, in other words, the dictatorship of the working class, as well as other sections of the population who share their fundamental interests with the working class in Britain.

A new Challenge for young workers and students

Comrades and friends It brings me great pleasure to welcome you with this editorial to the new website of Challenge, the magazine of the Young Communist League of Britain (YCL). In particular I would like to greet first time readers of Challenge and those aren’t members of the YCL (yet!). The YCL is a democraticContinue reading “A new Challenge for young workers and students”

4. Surplus Value

In part 3, we discussed the value of a commodity and found that this came in two forms – use-value and exchange-value- and that they were derived from the labour required to produce the commodity, use-value from specific labour and exchange-value from abstract social labour. But under the capitalist system, labour itself (or more accurately labour-power, the capacity to labour) is sold as a commodity. So what is the value of labour? This was the stumbling block of classical political economy and it was Karl Marx who first solved the problem.