What is ‘Stalinism’?

Ben Ughetti writes on how the term has gained popularity amongst sectarian and reactionary political forces

Communist parties meet in ‘World Symposium’

More than 150 representatives of Communist and workers’ parties participated in a World Symposium organised online by the Communist Party of China (CPC) last week (27 May 2021).  The meeting began with a message of greetings from Chinese President and CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping. He told the international guests that “Marxism sheds light in a scientific way on the laws governing the development of human society, showing the way forward to emancipation and stimulating the advance of civilisation.”

Althusser’s epistemological break and modern China

‘Socialism with Chinese characteristics’ is not just a justification for market economics, but the recognition of the economic, social and cultural relativity that obviously exists in the world, but more importantly, between socialist nations.

Unequal Exchange

Theories of unequal exchange argue that trade between poor and rich countries involve the transfer of value from the former to the latter, as more labour is traded for less labour.

YCL Wales: building the movement

Comrades of the growing Young Communist League Wales highlight the importance of education in building the YCL and the need to combine theory and practice.