High Court endorses robbery of Venezuelan gold

The UK High Court has ruled against the Venezuelan government over their right to access their country’s gold reserves. This follows a request by Juan Guaidó, who the British government recognises as Venezuela’s ‘real’ President, to appeal previous rulings on the matter. The Bank of England currently holds £1.4 billion of the Venezuelan people’s gold reserves.

Venezuela demands release of gold kept by Bank Of England to help fight COVID-19

Venezuela’s Central Bank (BCV) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) agreed to use part of the country $1.02 billion with of gold deposited in the Bank of England to acquire food and medicine to face the Covid-19 pandemic, BCV President Calixto Ortega declared on Wednesday (27 May 2020).

The Latin American country and United Nations will seek to release the gold held by the Bank of England with Venezuelan authorities appearing at an expedited court hearing in London today (28 May 2020).