Belfast Riots: what caused the violence?

It has been the seventh night of unrest in Belfast after hundreds of Loyalist youth, beginning on 2 April 2021, held a protest on in South Belfast after it was advertised on Facebook. The protest quickly turned violent after clashes with the police with petrol bombs and bricks thrown. 

10 charged with terror offence amid British operation against Irish Republicans

Irish republican party Saoradh have been the subject of a renewed wave of British state repression in the past few weeks as an MI5 informant was ousted from its ranks, leading to 10 arrests.

CYM: Socialism Republicanism is the expression of Marxism Leninism in Ireland

Challenge is proud to feature a guest contribution from the Connolly Youth Movement, the YCL’s sister communist youth organisation in Ireland and a fellow member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world”   Lenin As a member of the ‘new Irish’ group ofContinue reading “CYM: Socialism Republicanism is the expression of Marxism Leninism in Ireland”

Remembering the Limerick Soviet

As Ireland once again moves to commemorate another anniversary of the 1919-1921 War of Independence, we have a collective duty to preserve the memories of both participants and significant events that solidified the reawakening of national anti-imperial sentiment. With that comes a responsibility to articulate an accurate depiction of the period that is often overlooked;Continue reading “Remembering the Limerick Soviet”