Special Educational Needs and Disabled (SEND) children robbed of support

Spending cuts and service reviews are being outlined as a result of a funding shortage of over half a billion pounds for educating children with special needs, across councils in England. Due to a government ruling, local authorities are not permitted to employ other reserves to boost funds for the special educational needs and disabilities (Send) system, leaving families anxious that their loved ones could lose support to ensure gaping historical shortfalls are cleared.

“Do not resuscitate” orders causes outrage

After extensive criticism was piled on the government last year, leading to an urgent investigation by the care watchdog, people with learning disabilities are still being given inappropriate Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) notices if they are ill with Covid-19. This has caused thousands of avoidable deaths.

Disability and Austerity

Since the imposition of austerity on our country in 2010, the working class have felt the effects of underfunded public services and brutal cuts to the lifelines we all rely on.

Marxism and intersectionality

Grant Wilson (publicdomainpictures.net)

Ben Lunn provides a Marxist critique of intersectionality and discusses an understanding of oppression and discrimination based on a class perspective

15. Disability Oppression

Like all groups, the disabled’s relationship to society has evolved with the advancement of progression. So, for a Marxist understanding of how disabled people are affected by capitalism we have to first look at how human evolution changed the ways disabled people connect to society.