Bezos and Branson space bonanza: Innovation or vanity project?

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have the resources to lift millions of people out of poverty. By leeching off the sweat and blood of the thousands of workers of Amazon and Virgin respectively, the pair have amassed fortunes that exceed that of entire nations.

The failures of the 50+1 model

Howard Green critiques English football fans’ calls for the Premier League to adopt the Germany’s corporate football model.

Capitalist Realism: is there no alternative?

Capitalist Realism can be defined as the pervasive subconscious belief that there is no viable alternative to the economic system of capitalism. Never before has a scheme been so coercive that it need not posit from an ideological perspective.

Big tech and monopolies

Julian Jones examines what the record gains of big tech companies during the COVID-19 pandemic mean for the Marxist understanding of capitalism, monopolisation and crisis in 2020.