Historic Palestinian General Strike hits forces of occupation

On Tuesday (18 May 2021) Palestinians across Gaza, the West Bank, occupied territories ad within Israel itself, participated in a General Strike, protesting the ongoing occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israeli Occupation Forces, on behalf of the Israeli state. This General Strike, which was organised on extremely short notice, with initial calls to action circulating on social media on the 16th and 17th further highlighted Israel’s reliance on the exploitation of Palestinian workers.

Communist Party condemns ‘ethnic cleansing’ & urges sanctions against Israel

The Communist Party has strongly condemned what it called the “ethnic cleansing” of East Jerusalem and Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. “The murderous assault of the Netanyahu regime and what can only be described as the Israeli Offence Force has exposed – yet again – the brutal character of the Israeli state’s illegal occupation and incarceration of Palestinian lands”, Robert Griffiths told the Party’s Executive Committee on Sunday (16 May 2021).  Britain’s Communists also condemned the refusal  of the US, British and European Union governments to take any meaningful action against the Israeli state’s “crimes against humanity”.  

Israeli bombing kills 192 in Gaza including 58 children as media building is wiped out

Over the past week as the Israeli occupation has come to one of its harshest points in years, many across the world are becoming enlightened to the reality of what is one of the world’s most devastating humanitarian issues.

Thousands march for Palestine

Today (15 May 2021) across Britain, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to protest the oppressive Israeli regime and their constant bombardment of Palestinian people in cities across Britain including London, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Aberdeen.

20 Palestinians killed by Israel following demonstrations in Sheikh Jarrah

As the holiest city in several faiths, Jerusalem is very important to Jews, Muslims, and Christians and was originally intended to be a neutral zone for all parties. However, as Israeli occupation and settlements have expanded, Jerusalem has increasingly become Israeli controlled and inhabited. Palestinians are routinely harassed by the Israeli police state and are often rejected from entering checkpoints into holy areas.

Joint statement of Communist Parties: ‘No to patents on vaccines!’

On the initiative of the Communist Party of Turkey, communist and workers’ parties from across the world have signed the following joint statement.

Britain’s Communists condemn Israeli police violence against Ofer Cassif MK

The General Secretary of the Communist Party, Robert Griffiths has issued a statement denouncing a police attack on Ofer Cassif MK, a comrade of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and Hadash and member of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).

Container ship blocks Suez Canal hitting world trade

A massive container ship is currently blocking the Suez Canal, one of the busiest global shipping routes. Marine and salvage engineers tried and failed to dislodge the enormous ship on Thursday (25 March 2021) but the company, Evergreen Marine who operates the ship have said that it could take weeks before the ship is dislodged. It became stuck on Tuesday after a sudden gust of wind and a dust storm. The blockage is causing a tailback of ships to form, all waiting to get through. Around 12% of global trade passes through Suez Canal as it provides a short sea link between Europe and Asia.