SAS accused of war crimes in Afghanistan

A new BBC Panorama investigation has found that British SAS soldiers may have murdered detainees and unarmed men while serving in Afghanistan. Reports suggest a single unit illegally killed 54 people in one 6-month tour. The Ministry of Defence has dismissed such allegations as the product of “irresponsible” journalism, but military police have taken action to investigate whether war crimes took place.

UK military: harbingers of death or climate change activists?

Whilst visiting the US, Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, has disclosed the Tories’ military plans, suggesting that British soldiers will wage secret wars and employ new types of warfare. Furthermore, he asserted that the military was capable of handling climate change, population growth, and migration. Wallace added that the Tory government was still keen to be close to American power.

Ministry of Defence blacklists media outlets that criticise the British Military

The arrest of former Lance Corporal Ahmed Al-Batati by military police on Monday 24th August for protesting outside Downing Street against the British government’s sale of arms to the Saudis for their invasion in Yemen was a clear enough indicator as to how the British government and the Ministry of Defence in particular view anyone attempting to speak out against any wrongdoings.