Philip Mountbatten dead at 99

Buckingham Palace announced this afternoon (9 April 2021) that the Philip, so-called ‘Duke of Edinburgh’, had died. The BBC’s stations all took a moment of silence before a rendition of God Save the Queen was broadcast throughout the country. Flags will be flown at half mast, and testimonials will follow from across the political spectrum.

Belfast Riots: what caused the violence?

It has been the seventh night of unrest in Belfast after hundreds of Loyalist youth, beginning on 2 April 2021, held a protest on in South Belfast after it was advertised on Facebook. The protest quickly turned violent after clashes with the police with petrol bombs and bricks thrown. 

WFDY: capitalism is incompatible with health for the youth & people of the world

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) has released a statement marking World Health Day highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the struggle for proper healthcare for the youth and working people.

CP to hold online feminist festival on ‘Sisterhood, Socialism & Struggle’ on 8 May 2021

The Communist Party is organising a one day Marxist feminist festival celebrating ‘Sisterhood, Socialism & Struggle’ in Britain and across the world on 8 May 2021. The event aims to put women’s liberation at the heart of class struggle and explore how we should respond to the intensification of women’s oppression under modern capitalism. 

French police investigate secret luxury restaurants in Paris breaching COVID-19 rules

French police are investigating clandestine posh restaurants after a reporter from a French news outlet went to one undercover posing as a guest and exposed it in a video which went viral. The video showed guests breaking all kinds of Covid-19 restrictions including the wearing of masks and the guests even greeted each by kissing each other on the cheeks.