Labour polling plummet

Tom Partis, is a member of the YCL’s Greater Manchester branch

A recent Westminster poll from Survation, who predicted the 2017 and 2019 general elections correctly, has seen Labour’s vote share sink to 33%, with the Tories retaining a solid lead at 39%. In addition to this, Boris Johnson’s personal approval ratings have also increased by 12 points, and net favourability rating for the Government increased by 13 points.

Furthermore, the poll also saw solid rises in the vote share of the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, whilst the SNP retained their dominance in Scotland. 

This will come as a major concern to Labour leader Keir Starmer and his clique, and it is a damning indictment of Starmer’s failure to provide a strong and organised opposition to the current lackluster Conservative government. The mere fact that Labour are trailing in support amidst the deaths of over 115,000 people – deaths directly caused incompetence and callousness of the current Conservative government – is indicative of Keir Starmer’s ineptitude in rallying support for the Labour Party.

Some may conclude that this particular poll was an outlier. Nevertheless, all polls have Labour behind the Tories by 2-3 points, and furthermore, Election Maps UK noted that support from women went from a Labour 2 point lead to a Conservative 10 point lead, a shocking statistic that can’t be explained away as a margin of error.

For a leader who was elected on the notion of being electable, this is an abject failure for Starmer. He was elected on 2 promises – to maintain left-wing policies and to unite Labour as a professional, electable unit. Both of these promises, thus far, have certainly not been fulfilled, which should definitely raise some questions about Starmer’s strategy.

Starmer himself clearly recognises the situation, and yesterday it was leaked that he will set out some key policies of a theoretical Labour government in a speech on Thursday, launching a “policy blitz”. It would be very surprising if this would do much to help his situation. It feels like too little, too late from Labour, though it is yet to be seen how the speech will be received.

Survation poll

It is important for Communists’ across Britain to pay keen attention to developments inside the Labour Party, as despite the limitations imposed by bourgeois democracy, the Labour Party plays a critical role in these preliminary stages of the class struggle.

YCL’ers must take note of Labour Party activities, as Labour is a mechanism by which to push forward meaningful short-term reforms and to promote class consciousness in the workers’ movement, in spite of the trappings and shortcomings of bourgeois ‘democracy’ in the long-term.

It is also necessary, however, to build a party of another kind – the Communist Party. To push forward our new, revolutionary tactics, to scrap social democracy in favour of socialism, to build the vanguard party, and to build democracy in the workers’ movement.

As reported in Challenge:

In May, the Communist Party will contest parliamentary seats in Scotland and all the regional party lists in Wales. Across England, comrades will be standing in local and county council elections. It is exciting news for everyone serious about rebuilding a mass, vibrant and militant communist movement in Britain that, at last, voters in millions of homes will have a chance to vote Communist Party this year.

So whilst Starmer plummets and the Tories keep their dominance, we must keep an eye on the developing situation within the Labour Party and continue to build the Communist Party.

Tom Partis

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