Italy turns to Cuba to stop second wave

Daniel Forrest, is a member of the YCL in the North East

As Italy goes feet first into a second wave of Covid-19, the Italian island of Sicily has requested the return of the Cuban doctors that came to Italy in April to help fight against the first major outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe. Italian newspaper La Repubblica has reported that the request was made a week ago, pleading for 60 Cuban medics to come to the island.

When speaking to La Repubblica, Renato Costa, Sicily’s Covid-19 Emergency Commissioner said “The Cuban government has teams of doctors and nurses who are willing to travel to other countries to work, and we asked for their help. We know that in recent weeks other regions in Italy have asked Cuba for help, too. We just hope they will come to us first. I am in contact with the embassy, which has welcomed our request.”

Cuban solidarity did not stop in the face of Covid-19, in fact the socialist island has sent out over 4,000 medical professionals to fight the pandemic in nations such as Italy that didn’t have adequate resources and staff to cope with the outbreak. Contrast this to the Covid chaos that engulfed the much larger United States and it is clear to see how solidarity is a weapon that can be utilised in many a fight, from industrial disputes to global pandemics.

Daniel Forrest

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